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Riyad Mahrez won last night the english player of the year he beat’s fellow nominees and team-mates Jamie Vardy and N’Golo Kante, along with Harry Kane, Mesut Ozil and Dimitri Payet to the award which is rather well-deserved. He’s also the first African / Arabic / Muslim player to bag the prize. Only few years back he was playing in frinesh 2nd division.


You can’t get this man, he always surprise you with his comments. Such a unique player and human being. Read some of his replies to FFT question-answer session. The King Eric Cantona, The legend.

What was going through your mind when you kung-fu kicked that Palace fan? If you’d landed on your feet instead of your backside, what would you have done next?
Richard, South Shields
[Long pause] I did land on my feet, not where you say. That’s why I went to punch him again. But I didn’t punch him strong enough. I should have punched him harder.

What did you feel the first time you saw TV footage of you jumping in the crowd at Selhurst Park?
Lionel Manny, Atlanta, Georgia
I didn’t watch it. Because I knew. All I had was journalists around my house. That’s all I could see. My house was small. They blocked the light. But I played that moment, at Selhurst Park. It was a drama and I was an actor. I do things seriously without taking myself seriously. I think Nike found that side of my character and used it very well. Even when I kicked the fan, it’s because I don’t take myself seriously.

I didn’t think that I had a responsibility not to do it because of who I was. No, I was just a footballer and a man. I don’t care about being some sort of superior person. I just wanted to do whatever I wanted to do. If I want to kick a fan, I do it. I’m not a role model. I’m not a superior teacher, telling you how to behave. I think the more you see, the more you realise that life is a circus.



Whenever there is an interview with the King Eirc, you brace your self for something special, After all he is my greatest player in football history.



Premier-League-New-Logo - 18Seven

منو شاف شعار الدوري الانجليزي للموسم الياي ، موسم ٢٠١٦/٢٠١٧ ؟ شنو هالتصميم الدلوع؟ الاسد مسشور شعره و حركات ، كأنة من فيلم ” Lion King” ..

الدنيا كلها مو عاجبها التصميم اليديد ..


يقدم نادي مشجعين مانشستر يوناتيد بالكويت بالتعاون مع الغانم للسيارات مسابقة و فرصه لرحب تذكرة لمباراة مانشستر يوناتيد ضد ارسنال في ملعب الاحلام. كل ما عليك هو الاجابة على الاسئلة التالية في صفحة نادي مشجعين مانشستر يوناتيد على الانستغرام و اتباع شروط المسابقة التالية :

١- تابع حساب نادي المشجعين @MUSCKwt و @alghanimauto ( تعتبر المشاركة ملغية في عدم متابعة الحسابين )
٢- الإجابة الصحيحة على كل الأسئلة
٣- منشن ربعك اللي ودك تحضر معاهم
٤- آخر موعد للمشاركة 15 فبراير 2016
٥- تقبل المشاركات من داخل الكويت فقط


Im not sure if this is true or not, but it doesn’t look nice. Supposedly this is the new United kit for season 2016/2017 it’s half and half home strip is inspired by the club’s formative years of the very first Newton Heath kits.

If your are united fans what you make of it?


Man Utd vs Chelsea Highlights

It was Chelsea, a team that we all despise and hate and for that we wanted to win that one, but considering the situation we are in we would take a draw.

But after that performance we aren’t happy with a draw, we should have won it and won it easy. this is united performance, this is how we should play all season. enough with the philosophy enough with the bullshit.

That was performance of the season and I hope we continue to play like this, and still want LVG out.


من زمان ما شفنى الكويت بطله بهية بطله تستاهل اسم الكويت .. افتتاح استاد جابر كان حفل من الزمن الجميل ..

ولا ننسى جهد وزارة الداخلية الي في تنظيم الشوارع و التسهيل على الناس في إفتتاح استاد جابر الدولي ٫٫ اضغط على الرابط لمشاهد الفيديو [اين هم]



Last week I participated in twitter competition with #RedBullKuwait and won a trip for Car Park Drift final in Dubai which I went to last weekend. I’m not into cars and racing, but I love extreme sports and Red Bull sport events, so I was very excited about this trip.

We stayed at The Meydan Hotel which was amazing in everything. It was a gigantic hotel with spacious rooms and view on horses track. And the beds, the beds were the best I slept on.

Red Bull CPD was staged at The Meydan Hotel car park, and its huge car parking. The track was well-organized/planned which is a usual thing for Dubai. There was DJ music and two big screens playing over and over some of Red Bull sportsmen skydiving over Egypt pyramids and climbing Avaatara in Lebanon. Watching those videos gives you adrenalin rush, Just love to do something like it. Then there was food and plenty of red bull drinks for sure.

Red Bull CPD started with 16 cars then to 8 then 4 and finally the final was won by Ahmad Daham from UAE. It was great night, an amazing event, well planned and organized.

Thanks Red Bull for an amazing experience. Would love to try it again.


With almost 30 days to STAR WARS release the world is gone mad.

Japan Airline branding their jets with STAR WARS theme, video games “Battlefront STAR WARS” is coming out on 17 November and many many more stuff happening everywhere.

But playing the theme of STAR WARS ahead of Poland vs Iceland was just cool, super cool.

Via whoateallthepies

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