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With every day the amount of data I use is getting bigger and bigger, from films to photos and music, it just too much to sync between all my devices and accommodate for safe keep.

Clouds like Apple and Google has been great to save my data and the likes of iTunes and Netflix are heavens when it comes to my entertainment.

But never thought about music. I still haven’t activated Apple Music free trial, to that extent, I never thought of streaming music, whenever I like a song I try to download it from youtube or other sites and I end up have a big load on my laptop and iPhone.

Just recently, I have been introduced to streaming music thanks to a “White Rabbit project” episode and Manchester United partnership with Deezer.

Now it’s much easier with Deezer, I can almost have all the music I own and more wherever I want without occupying any space on my devices.


I’ve been a loyal customer to OSN for many many year, I almost have Showtime/OSN for 17 years and more and never thought I would watch tv with it, but its been a while thinking to cancel my OSN, I simply don’t have the time to watch live tv anymore, and when I record my films and shows I still have to watch them with the decoder.

Since 2013 I’ve been paying almost 30+ KD every month and as I never had any alternatives I was more than happy to pay whatever they ask, but since last year and with the emergence of Netflix, Amazon Videos and iTunes I had more options and alternatives for my entertainment, now I can see more with a lot cheaper price.

I made up my mind and called them to downgrade, but with every operator I talk to he/she try to talk me out of it, but never caved, I simply don’t want to pay too much for live tv without utilizing it. Even OSN Play, isn’t friendly to use, you have to sign in every time you use it, there isn’t much content available and you can’t use it abroad. So OSN was over for me, and for that I request a downgrade.

But few hours later, I received a call from OSN offering me a discount rate for my package, but I don’t want to pay over the odds for something I don’t use, and with more that 20 min on the phone with the operator I got a good deal for my current package and still can downgrade it later if I feel like it.

OSN is great network, but with the new ways and app of on demand entertainment they have to rethink their strategy. They recently did change their packages and offers more options but still I think those on demand app are the future and more powerful.



After the recent hacking rumors and news almost all companies and banks involved issued statements confirming nothing really happen as you can see below Talabat CEO statement

“We are aware of the rumors circulating today around Talabat, and would like to reassure our customers that these are absolutely false. We have experienced no disruption within our system and no customer issues have been reported around this. Our online payment is processed via trusted third party platforms and we do not store any banking information on our system. As a business that was established in Kuwait in 2004, data security is paramount to our business model and we have made security and privacy a core part of our structure.” Abdulhamid Alomar, CEO, Talabat



More and more visa application becoming online for Kuwaiti. Recently I was trying to apply for the Australian visa and thought to get an appointment online, but then I found I can apply too, so I did. I’ve created a username and password and filled in my info, paid the fees and submitted.

And in few hours got a confirmation email, and then few hours later I got anther email. I didn’t bother to open the second email thinking it is another confirmation email. You can do all of that at

Few days later I went back to check the emails to see when is my appointment or do I have to do something then I read the email with it attachment and it was the visa. Is was very simple and very fast to get it. ~ Read more

And just last week there been an announcement in the newspaper that now you can apply for the French medical visa online and you can get it in 48 hours.

Hope more to follow.


Almost a week ago Amazon Video launched in 200 counties around the world and Kuwait is one of them.

Almost a year ago it was Netflix who went global and just like Netflix, Amazon Video is starting with limited materials, very limited material.

Comparing between Netflix and Amazon Video starting content, Netflix started with a great show Narcos but Amazon got nothing prime to kick start their global launch.

There are very very few shows and with only two star shows The Man in High castle and Seinfeld, and there are little more movies than shows. This is Kuwait region of course, and I think with time just like Netflix, Amazon Video gallery will grow bigger.

In terms of price, Amazon Video promotion offer is $2.99 + tax per month for the first 6 months then it will be $5.99 + tax per month, it is less than Netflix prices of $8, $10 and $12 per month. Also Amazon Video trial period (7 days) is much shorter than Netflix (30 days).

Interface and app integration for Amazon Video, for me it feels little outdated and looks tacky, it still works fine and you still can find their app for Smart TV and other platforms.

I don’t think I will renew my Amazon Video after my 7 days trial, I will wait few months before I subscribe again maybe by then their gallery grows more, because as it is now, it is very poor, I can watch all it content in the 7 days trial.


Don’t click on fake news and let the hacker hack your computer and other devices. Watch out and don’t let the interest kill you as the saying said “Curiosity killed the cat” ..

Brad Pitt is alive and well, and if you click on a story claiming otherwise … it could expose your phone, computer or other device to hackers.

Facebook is warning users not to click on what appears to be a FOX News report about Brad’s death. If you do fall for it, and enter the requested info … the bad guys can get your passwords and control of your account.

The malware is evil genius — the hackers clearly preying on the public’s interest in all things Brad and Angelina Jolie.

If you’ve already fallen for it (pretty embarrassing, eh?) … FB suggests changing your password immediately and running its malware software scanner.

Source TMZ


For ages, I had my photos in a backed up hard disk waiting to be sorted out and organised, but every time I open my folders and see the 36k+ photos I just shut off.

I was using Google Drive for sometime now, and I said I should give Google Photos a try, and it was great.

I uploaded my 36k+ photos and videos to Google Photos and it took almost 5 straight days.

Now I can access all my photos anywhere anytime, not only that, it also sort’s the photos with face grouping which is amazing and so accurate (it also categorise them to places, events and things) and if that wasn’t enough, it create moments and mini videos.

I had only one question, will I lost quality and resolution? and it was first question in Google Photos FAQs.

What should I choose if I take photos with my phone?
Most phone cameras are less than 16 megapixels (like iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy phones), so most stored photos will essentially look the same if you choose High quality.

High quality
Unlimited free storage.
Regular cameras: Recommended for phones or point-and-shoot cameras that are 16 megapixels (MP) or less.
Uses: Good for typical printing and sharing.
Size: Saves high-quality photos and videos while reducing size.


للسنة الثانية على التوالي يقيم نادي مانشستر يوناتيد في الكويت دوري الفانتسي الخاص بهم و الفائز سيحصل على حذاء مُوقع من الاسطورة “بول سكولز”..

كل ما عليك هو المشاركة في فانتسي الدوري الانجليزي على الموقع Premire Leauge وسجل حسابك واختار فريقك وانظم الى الدوري الخاص بـ Musc Kuwait عن طريق ادخال الرمز


لا تطوف الفرصه و وجرب حظك و يمكن تربح ..


Last week I was trying to get new films and series, but whenever I access a KAT domain it was either locked or not working and I thought they might be under maintenance, until I read the news below.

The U.S. Government has arrested the alleged owner of KickassTorrents, the world’s largest torrent site. The 30-year-old Ukrainian was arrested in Poland today and is charged with criminal copyright infringement and money laundering. In addition, a federal court in Chicago has ordered the seizure of several KAT domain names.

The 30-year-old Artem Vaulin, from Ukraine, was arrested today in Poland from where the United States has requested his extradition.

It also shows that Apple handed over personal details of Vaulin after the investigator cross-referenced an IP-address used for an iTunes transaction with an IP-address that was used to login to KAT’s Facebook account.

Although not all domain names and servers were seized, the site quickly disappeared and after nearly a week there is still no sign of life. At least, not at the original site. ~

I’m not sure if Kuwait is under the low of illegal downloading or not, but what a pity they should down KAT 🙁 , Most KAT domain now redirect you to a KAT forum and discussion community.


أمريكان إكسبريس طلع بموقع يديد تستبدل فيه نقاط المكافآت بس للاسف علشان تبدل نقاطك الى مشتريات او كبونات يبيلك من ٥ ايام الى اسبوعين عمل ، يعني اذا تبي تستبدل نقاطك حق شي سريع ما تقدر .. بس موقع يستاهل الزيارة اذا كان عندك عدد لا بأس فيه من النقاط ..

إستحدث أمريكان إكسبريس موقعة الجديد لبرنامج Membership Rewards، مع قائمة واسعة من مكافآت جديدة كذلك. مهما كانت متطلباتك، من أحدث الأجهزة الإلكترونية، إلى منتجات العلامات التجارية الفاخرة وقسائم تسوق من أشهر محلات التجزئة في العالم. مكافأتك المقبلة على بُعد كبسة زر.

هذا هو ما نسميه جوهر علاقتنا المجزية. استمتع بتصفّح موقع برنامج Membership Rewards الجديد وكافئ نفسك وأحباءك بقائمة المكافآت الرائعة:

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