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Once again Dubai is hosting The Middle East Film and Comic Con 2016 ( With tickets on sale now, the MEFCC 2016 is confirmed to be help on  7th to 9th April 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) featuring the best regional & international talent, celebrity guests and more for some of the best fans in the world!

You can purchase your tickets online and at Virgin Megastore outlets across the GCC region. A limited quantity of early bird tickets gives fans the opportunity to get their hands on the coveted Gold 3 day passes for a special rate until sold out.

Tickets prices as follows :

VIP – 3 DAY 500 AED
Gold- 3 DAY 250 AED
Bronze- 1 DAY 100 AED
Steel- Early Bird Limited (3 day) 200 AED


MEFCC Highlights:

  • Chat with the Godfather of comic book Super Heroes himself!
  • Meet Doc Brown, Ash Ketchum and the co-creator of Deadpool
  • Tickets are on sale including a limited number of early birds.
  • Win 2 tickets to fly to Los Angeles and walk the red carpet with Stan Lee for the premier of Captain America: Civil War!



Online UK Visa 18Seven

اخيرا تم اعتماد النظام الالكتروني للتقديم لـ التأشيرة البريطانية للكويتيين و العمانيين و القطريين و الاماراتيين من غير ما تحتاج انك تراجع مكتب او سفارة حيث سيسمح لحاملي جوازات السفر الي ذكرتها بالسفر إلى بريطانية عن طريق ملء استمارة على الانترنت قبل السفر بـ48 ساعة على الأقل وذكرت السفارة انه لا يوجد أي متطلب للمسافر لإعطاء القياسات الحيوية أو الحضور إلى مركز طلب التأشيرة أو تسليم جوازات السفر.

وبينت ان تكلفة استخراج التأشيرة الالكترونية المعلنة هي 15 جنيها استرلينيا (نحو سبعة دنانير) وذلك لتغطية تكاليف تحسين النظام الجديد.

لتقديم طلب التأشيرة يرجى زيارة موقع التأشيرة البريطانية (هنآ)


Casa Del Habano 18Seven

Last weekend i’ve been to Dubai, and since I was their went with the guys to La Casa Del Habano at JBR to smoke some cigars.

This ain’t my first time there, I’ve been there few months back and had cuban cigar and it was the usual.

This time I wanted something Nicaraguan and found that they only sell Cuban “Dah, its La Casa Del Habano, or cause they only sell Cuban”.

Anyway I picked Hoyo De Monterrey which is a very nice cigar, but not this one, it was blocked, can’t and won’t smoke, so I picked another cigar, I picked Trinidad, it was ok, but taste horrible.

We were 4 of us and everyone is smoking a different cigars, but none of us was satisfied with its, I’m not sure if their cigars gone bad or is it that we had a bad luck.

La Casa Del Habano, as a lounge and coffee shop is great, nice location and good coffee – sometimes – and very nice outside seating.



Since my Nicaragua trip I’ve been using Waze for my navigation, I’ve used it a lot in Miami too, it’s not only cool, it have a lot of features too.

Because it’s community-based traffic and navigation it need to have a community to work at it best, and in Kuwait it’s a bit lacking, but it’s working fully.

Other than the app main feature which is navigation, it have the ability to submit reports and share real-time traffic information such as, heavy traffic, hazard – ie. car stopping at the road, on the side of the road – , accidents , police traps and speed traps and many other things, it’s great, I’m loving it.

Also you can add friends, send locations and keep them posted on your arrival time. It is easily the best navigation app I used.

To download iOSAndroid


Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.27.54 PM

Maybe the worst thing that could happen to you in your travels is to reach your hotel and don’t find your booking.

I was just coming back from Nicaragua to Miami before I stay one night before heading back to Kuwait, I reach my hotel they said there is no booking for me, this is what happen to me in Miami

I had a booking with at Breakwater at Miami beach and for some reason they didn’t send my booking to the hotel. I contacted and they confirmed the case, and to make things worst the hotel were fully booked on a weekend, the whole area is almost fully booked. I was ohh I’m fucked.

But the great customer service of they looked and located another hotel just few blocks away from my hotel but it wasn’t’ as good as my original hotel and I had to pay more, but at least I had a place to sleep.

Things could had been worst if I haven’t find a hotel, but really customer service helped a lot.

Next time for sure I’m checking with the hotel before I travel. Thought to share with you my experience with


ku baggage policy 18seven

A friend of mine was going to book a trip on Kuwait Airways and was checking with me if they changed their baggage policy. I check and it was true Kuwait Airways have updated their website with below table, and just to double check that’s implemented, I call a friend who work there and he confirmed the new policy.

Kuwait Airways Baggage Policy Effective from 1st Feb 2016

Destination Class Baggage  Infant
USA First Class 2 (32kgs each) 1 (10kgs) not exceeding total dimensions 115 cms or 45 inch.
Business 2 (23kgs each)
Economy 2 (23kgs each)
Other First Class 2 (32kgs each)
Business 2 (23kgs each)
Economy 1 (23kgs each)


If the baggage exceeds the permissible limits in dimensions or weight allowance, then you have to check in an extra piece and therefore, subsequent charges of extra piece equivalent to KWD 35/- will apply.

So, if you are traveling with Kuwait Airways pack reasonably.


uber 187 Kuwait

Entrepreneurs can come with great ideas, and I’m loving them. I love to travel, therefore I loved Airbnb and now I’m loving uber .. It not only a way to save money but its also great way to engage with people.

In my last trip to Miami I’ve used uber for the first time and it saved me a lot of taxi money, especially if you share a ride.

I had my doubts about it but it was so easy to use and that why I give it a try. You pin point your location and add a destination then select your preferred ride. You can choose normal car or luxury car or big car, you are in control. Once you do that, it tells you how much the ride will cost and you order your ride.

Your driver shows in the map, so you will know exactly where he/she is. After the delivery you can rate your ride.

Uber is available in 68 counties. To use Uber, you download the app to your smartphone, register and add you credit card because there are no cash involved. All is processed online. It’s amazing, just loving it.

On a-side-note  just saw on the news that 30 year old Drunk Doctor attacks Uber driver in Miami, Florida



I was in London earlier this month in short trip and wanted to stay at somewhere with a little history or culture – I rarely stay in London – and thought from the name and pictures of “The Mandeville Hotel” that it would be the one. It located in Westminster, a very good location, with just few block walk to Oxford street and Bond underground station.

I only stayed a night and spent most of my time out, but still I thought it would be a better hotel. The room is extremely small, and come to think of it, everything in the hotel is small, the elevators, the hallways, reception and lobby, all were small.

The bed wasn’t that great, it was queen size bed, but the mattress wasn’t great to sleep on, slept on much better mattress.

The bathroom too, low pressure shower and not so much good shampoo and shower gel.

The staff was great, friendly and very helpful. I think that was the best of the hotel. At a rate of almost 85 Kd per night for the type of room I stayed in, I would consider it over priced, or maybe I was expecting more.



I’m technology geek and love to use online services when it’s available, but this time almost backfired.

I know a website TheTrainline where I used to book cheap train tickets and never had a problem with it, and as always i booked my trip from London to Manchester and back.

But, this time I didn’t print my ticket and requested to had it on my phone app.

I arrived to the train station ahead of time to prevent any surprises and it was smart move.

Thought I have downloaded the ticket on my iPhone, but when I checked with train station staff they said this isn’t the ticket and should call the company to sort it out, and I did call, but they ensure that this is the ticket on my phone and it’s valid and shouldn’t worry; that was almost 2 hours before my train time.

But for some reason I checked again with station staff an hour before the train departure and again they confirmed THIS IS NOT THE TICKET and should download the ticket or have a printed version.

I went to the customer service and there were other with the same issue and that the app having issue downloading tickets from the system. All of who purchased tickets from TheTrainline should call the company and have them send the tickets to our email addresses.

There were too many ahead of me and wanted to print their tickets. It was a disaster, eventually I printed mine just on time and ran to platform.

Next time I will use online services but will always backed it with physical copies.



أعزائي مسؤولين الخطوط الجوية الكويتيه … ارحموا عزيز قومٍ ذل .. 

من صغرتي وانا ما اسافر الا على الكويتية، ما بقى مكان ما طرناه ولا شفناه الا و كانت سفرنا على الكويتية .. الا بالفتره الاخيره، تقريبا اخر ٥ او ٦ سنوات كانت سفراتي على الكويتية محدوده … و قاعد اطير على خطوط ثانية.

 طرت اليوم على الكويتية من الكويت الى لندن و بعدها قطار الى مانشستر .. حدي مستعيل على الوصول الى الفندق مو علشان شي غير اني اكتب شكثر كانت الطيارة تعيسة .. ماعمري ركبت وسيلة نقل (مو بس طيارة) مكسره و خربانه و عفى عليها الزمن كثر الي شفته في طيارة الخطوط الكويتيه المحترمة اليوم … 

رحلتي كانت على طيارة 777 (من الطيارات القديمة) طبعا اكثر من نصها كان فاضي .. و قلت يلله زين ماكو مسافرين وايد و يدعلونا المضبفين و ما يقصرون معانا بالخدمه.. الا ان الي صار العكس .. طايحين له سوالف مع بعض ومالهم خلق شغل و عسى ما تطلبهم يزرعونك و يعطونك النفسية.. 

اول ماركب بغيت كنبل بجهز نفسي حق النومه .. جان يقولون ماكو كنابل مو يايبين معانا …. هذا الطيارة ليلحين ما طارت و رايح لندن و تالي نيويورك .. 

صار وقت الغدا ، منيو وجبة الغدا تقدر تختار منه سمج او خضار او دياي .. سالني المضيف شتبي؟ قلت ابي دياي .. قال الدياي مو موجود .. رديت عليه: بس مكتوب بالمنيو في دياي، جان يقول اي هذا منيو قديم ، حاليا ماكو الا سمج او خضار ؟ 

طبعا الشاشات كلها مو شغاله وهذا مو شي يديد من اول و نظام الترفيه بالكويتيه اي كلام .. بس ان الكراسي ملعون او خيرها و تقعد عليها تحس بالهيكل الحديدي اكثر من الاسفنج هذي مصخره يديده علي.. حاولت اقعد بس الوضع ما يسمح .. فحطيت مخاد تحتي و على ظهري ترقيعا للموضوع .. سعر التذكره كان رسوم توصيل فقط من نقطة “أ” الى نقطة “ب”. 

ليش كل شي حلو دمرتوه، ليش كل شي مميز بكويتنا خربتوه؟ الكويتية كانت الافضل بالطيارات و المضيفين و تعدد الوجهات و الحين صارت الاسوء في كل شي .. 

آبوكم لابو جلب لكل من تسبب بتدهور الكويتية الى هذا المستوى.. 

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