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More and more visa application becoming online for Kuwaiti. Recently I was trying to apply for the Australian visa and thought to get an appointment online, but then I found I can apply too, so I did. I’ve created a username and password and filled in my info, paid the fees and submitted.

And in few hours got a confirmation email, and then few hours later I got anther email. I didn’t bother to open the second email thinking it is another confirmation email. You can do all of that at

Few days later I went back to check the emails to see when is my appointment or do I have to do something then I read the email with it attachment and it was the visa. Is was very simple and very fast to get it. ~ Read more

And just last week there been an announcement in the newspaper that now you can apply for the French medical visa online and you can get it in 48 hours.

Hope more to follow.


Discover a Healthier and Happier You this 2017

After a long winter season of festivities and celebrations, Baros Maldives is inviting GCC travellers to swap in their late nights, busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists for some much needed ‘me-time’ before facing 2017 head on! Whether it’s a romantic hideaway for two or a solo trip of rediscovery, Baros Maldives offers travellers a paradise sanctuary of unique experiences that are designed to seduce the senses into slowing down, relaxing and savouring.

Baros Maldives offers guests the ideal location from where to enjoy some hassle-free time off, unclutter the mind and create a balance before the busy months ahead take over. The list of activities and experiences at Baros Maldives are endless, guests looking to rejuvenate their body and mind can indulge in a number of personalized spa treatments, enjoy early morning yoga sessions at sunrise and even opt for a private yoga session on a villa deck in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Avid readers can grab their travel novels and head to one of the island’s private sunbathing spots surrounded by crystal clear waters to soak up the sun. Guests looking to get a taste of the Maldives beyond the resort’s shores can indulge in private sunset cruises, dolphin spotting excursions and even a traditional ‘Nooma’ cruise. The Nooma cruise offers an unusual combination of luxury and adventure, complete with a crew dressed in traditional sarongs aboard the traditionally handcrafted Maldivian sailing dhoni. Guests can charter Nooma for snorkelling, a romantic dinner, a sunset cruise with Champagne & Canapés and much more.

Solo travellers can join a group for fishing cruises which also include a ‘catch your own dinner’ adventure. To experience the true sense of the adventure behind island living, guests can try their hand at diving or snorkelling around the island’s vibrant oval shaped house reef. Being so close to the shore even non-divers can swim to it and spend hours effortlessly snorkelling. Baros Maldives also offer private and luxury diving; ‘Diving by Design’ is an individually customized and personalized approach to creating a venture that caters to each individuals desires, knowledge and wants.

A bijou coral island, round in shape and surrounded by a sandy beach, Baros Maldives offers cultured elegance in a pure, uncomplicated way. The boutique resort’s 45 beachside and 30 water pool villas are designed with a sophisticated timeless elegance, complementing the lush beauty of the island and offering guests the ultimate tropical seclusion and tranquility. With the benefit of a dedicated Villa Host for every villa on call 24 hours a day, guests will be sure to experience the true essence of Maldivian hospitality and personalized care at Baros Maldives.

Rates at Baros Maldives start from $940 excluding 20% tax.

For further information on Baros Maldives, please visit


على قرار حسين بن عاقول في مسلسل درب الزلق ، الامارات وتحديداً في دبي شروا أبراج الكويت ، أو بالاحرى سووا لهم أبراج الكويت لكن وين؟

Kuwait Towers made from LEGO bricks in LEGOLAND Dubai's MINILANDفي بداية شهر اكتوبر تم افتتاح اكبر مدينة ملاهي في الشرق الاوسط في دبي و تضمنت ٦ اقسام جباره ومنها Legoland  وتكريما لدول الخليج تم عمل مجسمات لأهم المعالم .. ومن الطبيعي اختيار ابراج الكويت من الكويت 🙂 ..

وقد استخدم لبناء الابراج  123,000 مكعب واستغرقت 718 ساعة عمل

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة – 29 أكتوبر 2016: كشفت “ليجولاند دبي”، أحد المنتزهات الترفيهية الثلاث ضمن منتجع دبي باركس آند ريزورتس، عن مجسم الليجو المتميز لأبراج الكويت التي سيعلو في المدينة المصغرة التي من المتوقع ان تجذب العديد من الزوار. 

وتم بناء البرج من قطع مكعبات الليجو في 718 ساعة عمل، ويتكون هذا المجسم المذهل من 123000     قطعة من مكعبات الليجو.

وتعتبر “المدينة المصغرة” من المناطق الترفيهية الستة في ليجولاند دبي ، ويعرض فيها مجموعة كبيرة من المجسمات المعروفة مثل جامع الشيخ زايد الكبير وتاج محل التي تم الإعلان عنها مؤخراً.

ومع اقتراب افتتاحها رسمياً يوم الاثنين في 31 أكتوبر 2016، تقدم “ليجولاند دبي” أكثر من 40 لعبة ووجهة وتضم 15 ألف مجسم ليجو متميز مصمم باستخدام 60 مليون قطعة من مكعبات الليجو، وتعتبر “ليجولاند دبي” و”ليجولاند ووتربارك” الوجهتان الوحيدتان في الشرق الأوسط المصممتان بشكل يتناسب مع الأجواء العائلية والأطفال بأعمار ما بين 2 حتى 12 سنة.

 تعمل “ليجولاند دبي” على وضع اللمسات النهائية على أرض “المدينة المصغرة” أول منطقة مغلقة ومكيفة في “ليجولاند دبي”. وستتواجد “المدينة المصغرة” في قلب المنتزه، وستضم نموذج أفقي لمدينة دبي ومجموعة متميزة من المعالم السياحية الشهيرة من المنطقة والدول المجاورة مصنوعة من 20 مليون قطعة ليجو، وسيتمكن الزوار من بناء مدينتهم الخاصة بمكعبات الليجو البيضاء على طاولة من 10 أمتار ضمن فقرة “بناء مدينة”.

للحصول على التذكرة السنوية ولمزيد من المعلومات عن “ليجولاند دبي” و”ليجولاند ووتربارك” وللاشتراك بنشرة الرسائل لمتابعة آخر العروض يرجى زيارة الموقع الرسمي  www.LEGOLAND.aeو



Celebrate the Festive Season in the heart of Beirut with Le Gray’s Festive Packages

This year, contemporary luxury property Le Gray, Beirut, is inviting guests to join them for a festive holiday that enjoys the best of the vibrant city center, delectable dining and rooftop Moulin Rouge themed celebrations with views of the Mediterranean. In addition, the hotel has just unveiled two special accommodation packages for guests to avail this Festive season and make the most out of their time in “the Paris of the Middle East”.

Le Gray is perfectly positioned in the heart of the festivities, Beirut’s Central District, where travellers can easily enjoy the best of the city’s non-stop nightlife, dining options, beautiful beaches and historical cultural sites, with many located only a short distance from the boutique property.

From memorable entertainment and delectable culinary teats to stunning views, everything is set to welcome 2017 in style at Indigo on the Roof, Le Gray’s iconic rooftop restaurant, where this year’s theme for the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve party is the spectacular Moulin Rouge.

Guests staying at Le Gray, Beirut can avail two special Festive packages:

‘Stay for Christmas’:

Guests booking one night in a Deluxe Room will stay in the spacious Executive Suite this Christmas. The package includes complimentary breakfast at Indigo on the Roof and Christmas Dinner or Christmas Lunch, plus late check out until 16:00.

Rates are 420 USD+10 % VAT for single occupancy and 520 USD +10% VAT double occupancy. The offer is valid on 24 and 25 December 2016.

‘Stay for New Year’:

Guests booking three nights in a Deluxe Room will receive a double upgrade and a stay in the Executive Suite. The New Year package includes a minimum 3-night stay, breakfast at Indigo on the Roof and an invitation to leap into the New Year with style at Indigo on the Roof. Additionally, the package includes late check out until 16:00.

Rates are 560 USD+ 10 % VAT for single occupancy per night and 690 USD +10% VAT for double occupancy per night. The package is valid from 28 – 31 December inclusive.

For more information on Le Gray, Beirut, please visit


Email:             Telephone: +961 1 96 28 28


I visited a shared link on twitter that shows your passport index, and it’s pretty cool.

Get to know more about your passport. Where you’re ranked and how many visa-free counties you can visit.

If you lookup Kuwaiti passport, it show it can get you into 82 counties without visa and is ranked 49 globally. You can search your county by name, by passport colour  and by location.

Check it out [Here]



قرب وقت السفر و الكل قاعد يجهز حق السفر من حجز فنادق و تذاكر طيران و وفي ناس تحب تصرف فلوسها كاش و في ناس تحب تستخدم بطاقات البنك بالسفر .. النوع الثاني احب اقوله راحت عليك ، لان ابتداً من بعد رمضان البنوك راح ترفع عمولات السحب النقدي خارج الكويت ونسبة الزيادة راح تختلف من بنك لآخر خصوصا بين البنوك التقليدية و الاسلامية .. و الزيادة بس تمت على السحب النقدي و لا تغيير على عمولة السحب على المشتريات.

وحسب الخبر المنشور في جريدة الراي الي يقول “ أدى تذبذب العملات العالمية وتراجع الدينار مقابل الدولار الأميركي الى اتخاذ بنوك تقليدية وأخرى تعمل وفق الشريعة الاسلامية قرارا برفع عمولتها على السحوبات النقدية عند استخدام البطاقات الائتمانية وبطاقات الـ ATM خارج الكويت.

وزادت عمولة البنك على السحب النقدي بنسبة تصل إلى 150% تصل العمولة من 1% إلى 2.5% للمبالغ النقدية المسحوبة بالعملة الأجنبية باستخدام البطاقات الائتمان خارج الكويت، وتختلف النسبة من بنك إلى اخر ، اما بطاقات السحب ATM فتحسب عمولتها (2.5% + سعر الصرف لدى بعض البنوك) فيما أبقت عمولة السحب على المشتريات عند مستوياته الحالية وهي (سعر الصرف).

ووفق بيانات بنك الكويت المركزي، فقد نمت عمليات السحب عبر البطاقات الائتمانية المصرفية في الكويت 142% خلال 5 سنوات الماضية فقد سحب 1.4 مليار دينار نقدية أو مشتريات على مدار 5 سنوات ماضية. “


Dubai, always good thing happens there.

I was in very short trip, with no purpose, just wanted a break and I ended up in Dubai Mall looking for Sushi restaurant. There were few, but I wanted premium Japanese cuisine, but unfortunately Katsuya was close and never reopened.

Its ok, I still can have a good time, I have my cigars and I don’t mind any food. I Went outside to the fountain looking for a good spot and cup of coffee, but then there was this new restaurant underneath the renovating Address, It call “Katana” and when I asked it was Japanese restaurant, they still under soft opening.

The food was great and fresh, I had snow crap, octopus, tuna sushi and maki rolls. Totally worth the bill as it wasn’t cheap.

The porch seating was great, nice view of Burj Khalifa, good music, the prefect weather and my cigars it was match made in heaven, I didn’t need to go anywhere.

ps, Fly Dubai can you make your seats any tighter?!? come on give us some space.


Nozawa 2

Last week I was in LA in a business trip and while almost everyone asked me to bring them stuff, I have this dear friend whom I trust blindly when it comes to food, asked me to check one of the amazing Sushi restaurants, asked me to something for myself and that was deep, so it immediately it was top my todo list.

Once I had a spare time and was really hungry I drove to SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa in Santa Monica.

It’s small and very cozy restaurant, maybe could accommodate about 50 seats. Since I was alone I dined on the bar.

Nozawa 4

They have à la carte and 3 set menu which are, Trust me, trust me lite and special which is same as trust me but with an extra potion of great food.

This restaurant looked very nice, and was recommended but a very highly person so I had to go with the special, and it was

  • Organic Edamame
  • Tuna Sashimi (very yummy)
  • Albacore Sushi
  • Salmon Sushi (so tender so fresh it melt in your mouth)
  • Snapper Sushi
  • Yellowtail Sushi
  • Halibut Sushi
  • Toro hand roll
  • Blue Crab Hand roll Yellowtail hand-roll (Cuz Blue Crap had Mayo)

Nozawa 3

This set looked too much, and I thought I’m going to be full after this, but also I was so hunger that I wanted to order more, for once I was let me eat and then see if I want more.

The food kept on coming in waves one by one, and they kept just enough time to enjoy every wave of great food. It was really food from heaven.

The Tuna Sashimi comes in marinated in spiced soy sauce and topped with green onion, the balance of is so perfect. Then comes Albacore Sushi, Salmon Sushi and Snapper Sushi, they are serviced with warm rice dipped in spiced soy sauce, ready for you to JUST EAT. They are prefect as they are, you can’t make them better.

The next wave was Yellowtail Sushi, Halibut Sushi and Scallop Sushi and they were more of the same, perfect food, I never have tried some of the food I had ever before but everything was so great that I was eating anything was put infront of me.

Toro and Yellowtail Hand roll, there were more of a sandwiches than usual rolls. I was, how I’m going to eat that with chopsticks?! Well you don’t, you just eat them like sandwiches 🙂


I think this is the best sushi restaurant I’ve been to. I had a sushi meal at LA airport and Maki Kuwait in the last two days and both tasted like garbage compared to SUGARFISH.

Top, top food from SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa.

Address1345 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States

amesterdam airport 18seven

اهم شي بالرحلات الطويله الكرسي ، ما همني المسافة الي بين الكراسي ولا همني الاكل او نفسية المضيفين لاني غالبا راح اكون نايم .. بس اذا الكرسي مو مريح هني المصيبة ، راح اوصل تعبان ومتكسر ..

في كذا طيران كراسيهم جدا مريحة و يديده و في طيران الله لا يواريك كراسيهم تقول كراسي حلاق هندي ،، و للاسف من هالشركات طيران كبيرة مثل الاتحاد و بعض طيارات الاماراتية (قلت بعض) و الـ KLM ..

مو دايما اسافر على الـ KLM يمكن هذي ثالث مرة اسافر عليها خط امريكا ، و ما عندي ولاء لشركة لان اهم شي بالنسبة لي اوصل باسرع طريقة، بس كل مرة اعاني من كراسي KLM .. شي مستحيل .. بمجرد ما انك تقعد على الكرسي تحسب بالهيكل الحديد ، فتخيل رحلة طويلة ؟ شصير فيك ؟؟ بس الملاعين توقيت رحلاتهم ممتاز و فوق الممتاز، بالنسبه لي كل شي ممتاز بالـ KLM الاكل زين ، الستاف كله مبتسم ، المطار شي يفتح النفس و حلو ، الناس و المعامله حسنه.. بس للاسف كراسي طيرانهم اي كلام.

ملاحظة ; الصورة مالها شغل بكراسي الطيارة، بس قلت احط صورة ايجابية. هذي صورة مخبز المطار ، حتى لو مو يوعان راح تاكل منه.


imax at vox dubai 18seven

I’ve been going to Dubai a lot lately, mainly business trips and this time I went to check the new IMAX LASER system, its the first IMAX laser projectors installed in the region, and it’s been open since September 2015 at Mall of the Emirates.

And since I work in bigfarme industry, I made some calls and did some arrangements to see the projectors and how it work. VOX was very generous and accommodating for my request, I really want to thank them for their genuine hospitality.

We’ve taken a tour private tour to see the projector room, and asked a lot of questions which they answered gladly.

After a very informative Q&A with the projectionist we went back to the theater to watch Kings of Egypt 3D. Beside it’s good film and I don’t think it will be screened in Kuwait due to censorship. The film presentation in 3D is just amazing. Usually I hate 3D films because many of them aren’t meant to be in 3D and/or the projector’s system is so poor therefor there are a lot of ghosting in the picture.

IMAX laser system has prefect picture, not only I felt that, but also my two friends who were watching the film felt the same. They never liked 3D because they think it causes headache and usually its has shitty image, but they were very impressed with IMAX laser 3D.

So, from now on if I want to watch a 3D film I will only watch it in IMAX laser projectors. It’s really impressive system.

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