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I bought the games, now i need to buy time to play them.

Yesterday i went to buy some XBOX video games and i left Alrehab with a whole lot 🙂 .. 2 xbox FIFA12, 1 SP3 FIFA12, xbox Dead Island, xbox Deus Ex and xbox Alice… the seller was happy man.

I usually buy one game at a time but i don’t know why i bought all this time, i will have to find time to play all now. i think i will have a brain damage if i play them all now.

I did try some of the games out last night and this is my first impression.

Alice: Madness Returns
I never thought it would be a cool game and very entraining. i bought this one just out of curiosity, but it turned out to be a very very good game.

the feeling and the graphic is very good, game play is kinda easy and very enjoyable, lot of blood and killing involved.

My kids liked watching the game as they think its a film I’m directing.

My rate 4/5.. Very recommended.

I’ve been waiting for this game since the beginning of the year mainly for the updated squad.. it’s a good game and this year new features has been added such as the TECHNICAL DEFENSE..

It’s quite hard to do the defending with the new multi buttons but you can always go back to basic defending.

Game play is so much improved and become so realistic, shooting is never been greater and goalkeepers are so real, saving balls with their hands, legs and flying high..

Their are a lot of add-on to the game menu like for example in CAREER MOOD you have a youth academy and you buy player aged 14 to 16 and then promote them to the fist team.

Also they’ve add press conference from the manager and statements from players as well as they added moral and form gages for players. their are a lot of new stuff and feature to FIFA12.

I bought FIFA12 region 1 (US VER) so there is no Arabic commentary.

My rate 4/5 .. Very recommended

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
I always liked shooting games, but recently all shooting games has become difficult and so much strategic.

But this game have both, and you can totally play with tactical and stealth or you just become RAMBO and kill every body.

very good game, fast and straight forward, it got a lot of game play and lot of side mission and upgrade, you can become RAMBO but also you have to play the game.

My rate 3.75/5 .. Recommend

Dead Island
I’ve seen trailers and friends has recommended this game, but i still haven’t had the time last night to try it .. but i will today and will update my post later on ..

Good, that I’m not that busy now-a-days with work as things are stalling little bit.

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