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Few days back, Apple announced the new MacBook Pro and it looks amazing with all the new features especially the Touch Bar, but the changes and things they ditched are just too radicals. Removing 3.5mm port (sound jack) and USB, and replacing it with Thunderbolt.

According to Jacqui “The MacBookPro has 1 headphone jack and 4 thunderbolt 3/USB type-c ports or 2 depending on the model…”

Is Apple trying to do what they did when they opt flash from their iOS platforms? I can’t see this is the same. Ditching very common and universal connections such as USBs and Sound Jacks distance Apple from reality.

After Apple’s Disappointing MacBook Pro Refresh, What’s an Engineer to do?

Apple recently announced the most magical, insanely great, life-changing computers in their history — or did they? The Internet is displeased, and so am I.

The new machines are thinner and lighter — and more expensive, and less expandable than ever.  While this may be fine for someone handed a MacBook Pro by an employer (thanks, LinkedIn), it does make me wonder who would spend so much of their own money on such a machine, and it made me reflect even more on the optimal environment for engineering.

First, let’s talk about the machine.

Thinner, Lighter… and More Expensive

As part of the group that views their computers more like pickup trucks than as sports cars, I literally rolled my eyes throughout the keynote at the continued emphasis on how the new MacBook Pros are thinner and lighter than their predecessors. That’s great, but the last thing I care about is how thin my laptop is (within reason), and, by the way, this is only 3 millimeters (or a tenth of an inch) thinner than the old one.

Lighter? Sure, maybe that matters. But if you tote all the dongles you’ll need to replicate an old MacBook Pro experience, the weight savings probably evaporates. And, of course, you’ll be jamming a giant, fragile spaghetti ball of cables into your bag (if Apple’s Lightning and MagSafe cables are any indication) — which, again, takes away all the gains Apple ostensibly giveth.

Finally, can we talk about these prices? All of the machines got at least a $200 price bump, even though Apple is using cheaper components everywhere. The top of the line configuration (and you’d better buy that one if you want this computer for the long haul, as there is literally zero user upgradability in the ones with the Touch Bar) costs a blistering $4,300 — and still only has 16GB of RAM. Let’s hope you don’t need to run any virtual machines. ~ Read More!


Also you can check reviews on youtube.



bill payments

The new Ahli United online banking have been up and running since last month, but I haven’t been using it a lot.

They haven’t added any new features I know of, but they did many modification, and the main one was paying the credit card. Before, you have to enter you card number everytime when you have to pay for your card, but not any more, now you can select your card and pay it.

Another modification I’ve noticed. Whenever you transfer money or pay your bills I used to use a password, but now you get a OPT (one time password) thru your mobile which is good, I guess.

Then there was their new look which is huge improvement from their last, but it won’t work at on the iPhone browser (due to alignment and scrolling) which is a total disaster if you need to use your online banking in your mobile.

In overall I would say it big improvement but still not as good as other online banking I use ie. NBK and Boubyan Bank.

There is a thing I couldn’t figure, why is purple color in the theme?

PS: Ahli United still don’t have Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page nor they have an online application. 


Lately i’m suffering from Safari, it’s so slow and get really nerves when i browse youtube, it go crazy and make me crazy. I’ve tried other browsers but none are good as Safari or i think i’m so hooked up on Safari i can’t use other browser.

I hope that there will be an update that will bring Safari as it used to be..


Today i’ve check and it really look cool and easy to use. But when i tried the features all but find my iPhone are disabled and to use it i have to have MobileMe account both in my Mac and iPhone.

Anyway i didn’t bother for now and i will check it later when upgrade my iPhone to OS.5.

For sure i will update this post later.


اعلنت شركة ابل اليوم عن وفاة ستيف جوبز


اول شي احب ان اشكر الفريق القائم على موقع وزارة الداخليه لما يقدمونه من خدمات و معلومات.. لكن عندي عتب على الشكل و الديزاين الجديد و الوانه .. الشكل القديم كان وايد احلى بس مو هذا موضوعي ..

موضوعي الله يسلمكم ليش خدمة الاستفسار عن المخالفات او الدفع ما تصير الا عن طريق الـ Windows Explorer .. شخصيا بطلت استخدم هالبراوزر من الـ 2005 لوجود برامج وايد افضل منه.. بس قلت يمكن انا مصرقع و طاش غير الناس بس بعد سنه و سنتين و ثلاث وهمن لا تزال المشكله قائمه ما يصير تستخدم الا الـ Windows Explorer للخدمات الي ذكرتها ….

الحين وصلنا 2011 و داشين على 2012  و الدنيا كلها تغيرت والناس قاموا يستخدمون فاير فوكس و كروموغيره  ناهيك عن الي حولوا الى الـ Mac وليلحين خدمات موقع الداخليه مو شغاله الا على Windows Explorer ولهذا السبب اعتبر هالموقع متخلفا نواعا ما ..


For Sale
MacBook Pro 15ich
2.5 GHz
1 GB hard-disk

In top condition for KD350

If interested plz call 99004999


It has amazing features! It’s just amazing! Words can’t discribe it.

Read More ISO 5 – Read More OS X Lion

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