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My commitment with Zain has ended after two years and it was time to look for better options or stay with Zain (which I’m not very satisfied with) I was paying about KD34 for 1,500 minutes and 500GB shared data, but I always end up paying more for some weird reasons, and I’m not kind of guy who chits chat a lot.

I looked at other providers and the feedback never was good. Viva, as I’ve been told, is on a decline and their internet is not always good everywhere. Ooredoo never looked better and social media filled with upset customers.

So I did the obvious and stayed safe with what I know. I downgraded my plan and got me BOLT router.

As any router, it was easy to setup and get it running, and right away I did a speed test and it was the same average speed that I used to get with my LTE Advance router. But streaming on my TV, iPad and Bose speakers improved a lot.

Later that day I did another speed test and it was in the 70s, it was insane, I did another test the following day and it was in the 60s – testing improved a lot – but it wasn’t only testing was good also browsing was great, my Kids noticed the difference and told me we should have got this router long before.


Few days back, Apple announced the new MacBook Pro and it looks amazing with all the new features especially the Touch Bar, but the changes and things they ditched are just too radicals. Removing 3.5mm port (sound jack) and USB, and replacing it with Thunderbolt.

According to Jacqui “The MacBookPro has 1 headphone jack and 4 thunderbolt 3/USB type-c ports or 2 depending on the model…”

Is Apple trying to do what they did when they opt flash from their iOS platforms? I can’t see this is the same. Ditching very common and universal connections such as USBs and Sound Jacks distance Apple from reality.

After Apple’s Disappointing MacBook Pro Refresh, What’s an Engineer to do?

Apple recently announced the most magical, insanely great, life-changing computers in their history — or did they? The Internet is displeased, and so am I.

The new machines are thinner and lighter — and more expensive, and less expandable than ever.  While this may be fine for someone handed a MacBook Pro by an employer (thanks, LinkedIn), it does make me wonder who would spend so much of their own money on such a machine, and it made me reflect even more on the optimal environment for engineering.

First, let’s talk about the machine.

Thinner, Lighter… and More Expensive

As part of the group that views their computers more like pickup trucks than as sports cars, I literally rolled my eyes throughout the keynote at the continued emphasis on how the new MacBook Pros are thinner and lighter than their predecessors. That’s great, but the last thing I care about is how thin my laptop is (within reason), and, by the way, this is only 3 millimeters (or a tenth of an inch) thinner than the old one.

Lighter? Sure, maybe that matters. But if you tote all the dongles you’ll need to replicate an old MacBook Pro experience, the weight savings probably evaporates. And, of course, you’ll be jamming a giant, fragile spaghetti ball of cables into your bag (if Apple’s Lightning and MagSafe cables are any indication) — which, again, takes away all the gains Apple ostensibly giveth.

Finally, can we talk about these prices? All of the machines got at least a $200 price bump, even though Apple is using cheaper components everywhere. The top of the line configuration (and you’d better buy that one if you want this computer for the long haul, as there is literally zero user upgradability in the ones with the Touch Bar) costs a blistering $4,300 — and still only has 16GB of RAM. Let’s hope you don’t need to run any virtual machines. ~ Read More!


Also you can check reviews on youtube.




A while ago I had a problem with my iPhone, where the screen just turned black and stayed black and I’ve almost done everything to fix it and it didn’t. So I thought to sent for repair in cheap iPhone workshops in Hawalli as I was thinking I don’t want to spend a lot on iPhone 5s and soon iPhone 6 is coming out soon.

It took that shop more than a week to tell me sorry it can’t be fix due some freak problem, and it took me more than 3 days to buy another iPhone. But I’m not blogging about this.

While I wasn’t using the iPhone I was using shitty Blackberry Q5 without internet for a whole 10 days. It was great 10 days, can’t remember I had a peace of mind the way i felt when I wasn’t looking at my iPhone every 10 min, never bother to like posts in Instagram or reply a tweet, I WAS USING THE PHONE AS JUST A PHONE and that how it should be.

Living in a life full of sharing with people I don’t know and people do not know me, and it sucks. Why would I share? unwisely because it become a lifestyle.

And because I had a great time without internet I wanted to continue the same way, but internet is like drugs you can’t not use it when you just have it. So I compromised a little. I will still live the social cyber shit but I will not go back to the way I used to.

So what I did, I’ve turned all notifications off, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter, also I’ve deleted all app that I’m not using regularly like path, snapchat and BBM and many others, at least like that I will only be bothered when I wanted to, I will fetch for whatever only when I want to, and it made a lot of difference.

Fuck you social media, you made our life irritating ..


Think Geek

موقع ممتاز للي يحب يطلب من امريكا .. فيه كل الشغلات الي تخطر ببالك للكومكس و غيرها من الشخصيات الخياليه .. من المارفل الى ستار ورز ..


The full version GALAXY NOTE Ad with David Beckham playing Beethoven’s Ode To Joy.. nice one wallah 🙂 Ybeela Galaxy Note


اخيرا نزل موقع تسوق لاحد اكبر شركات الالكترونيات في الكويت  وهو x سايت وان شاء الله يلحقونه اليكتروزان و يوريكا في هالخطوه علشان توفر علينا الزحمه و اللويه ..

من الشغلات الممتازه بالموقع .. ان التوصيل والتريكيب مجاني بس اعتقد لـ ليمت معين .. و الدعم الفني ٢٤ ساعه في ٧ ايام.. و طرق الدفع كي نت او اي من البطاقات الائتمانيه “فيزا و ماستر” ..

لزياره موقع x سايت :


I have a SHARP AQUA LCD TV which i bought few years back.

Back then i didn’t need that many HDMI ports and didn’t care to only have 2 HDMI ports. But later, when i started having Blu-ray, xbox, Abu Dhabi receiver, Media server and OSN Box i wished i went for a TV with most HDMI ports.

For few months I’ve been looking to buy HMDI hub so i went to xCite, Eureka and others but there prices were over the top, some hubs were tagged for 60KD. shda3wa

So i tried Amazon and found the beauty for $16.99. Five in HDMI’s One Out to the TV. I’ve been using it for about 10 days and it’s fantastic, It change’s from device to another automatically without any hassle. I really wish i bought it earlier bedal el bahdala

It comes with a remote control to change from source to another, or you can change manually with the button on the hub, or you can use the automatic switch for the available running source.

Product Description
HDMI 5×1 5 Port Switch/Switcher with IR Remote Support 3D PET0501S is a five-input HDMI switcher. It switchers the five HDMI inputs to the output. These five inputs are auto switching. Description The 5×1 HDMI Switcher routes high definition video (in multiple resolutions up to 1080p) and digital audio from any one of the five sources to display unit. Five inputs accommodate the simultaneous connection of up to five high definition video sources, such as satellite systems and HD DVD players. The output sends the high definition audio/video signals to a high definition display. This kind of the HDMI Amplifier Switcher not only has the key-press-switching function, but also has the IR remote control and intelligent function. Feature: * Switch easily between any five HDMI sources * Extends the range of HDMI compliant device by equalizing and re-clocking the HDMI signal * Maintains high resolution video – beautiful, sharp HDTV resolutions up to 1080p, 2k, and computer resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 are easily achieved * Discrete IR remote (included) * HDMI pass-through * HDCP pass-through * Support 3D Package contends : * 5×1 Switch x 1 * IR Receiver x 1 * Remote x 1


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