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Finz Center launched their new website for the new summer season, you can find all the information you want.

Check it out at :

For more info: 
Telephone: + 965 9913 2072
Telephone: + 965 2535 8544
Facebook: /Finz-Center-Divers
Twitter: @finzcenter
Instragram: @finzcenter


Lately i’ve working on this website, it’s not much creativitey but sometime this is what the clint want 🙂 ..

you can check the full version on


My latest project is an informative jewelry website for the talented Kuwaiti jewelry designer “Dana Alnafisi”. It was pleasure work with her.

Check her work at:


Lately I’ve been working on Ditec Car Care website and you can check their website at

Ditec is one of the leading Car Care companies in the world and their branch in Kuwait has offer nothing but the best car care you can get. You can guarantee full car care from the exterior to interior and let not for get their specialty in engines care.

Ditec simply the definition of professional car detailing.


موقع كويت موبايل أول موقع كويتي متخصص في بيع الهواتف المتنقلة وملحقاتها مع خدمة التوصيل المجاني لجميع مناطق الكويت السكنية خلال 90 دقيقة من وقت تقديم الطلب.كما يتيح الموقع طريقة شراء امنة كليا عبر شبكة الكي نت. is the first mobiles e-store with free home delivery within 90 minutes to all areas of Kuwait. The website also provides a completely safe way to buy via the K-Net.

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