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مو من عادتي اقرء الجرايد بس اليوم قريت خبر اعلان فيفا عن اطلاق متجرها الالكتروني ، العاده يدزون اخبار مثل هذي لنا 🙁 .. 

عادتاً فيفا تكون السباقة في طرح الجديد قبل اوريدو و زين بس هالمره كانت الاخيره في طرح المتجر الالكتروني .. و للاسف مو بس جذي .. فبعد المقارنه بين المتاجر الثلاثه .. حسيت ان متجر فيفا حده بدائي و بسيط مافيه الكثير مثل الموجود في زين او اوريدو .. 

يمكن زيارة المتجر عن طريق موقع فيفا


Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.24.20 AM I spend almost all my time at work around my computer. I really enjoy listening online to UK radio, it give me a huge moral boost, simply listening to accent and looking at sea view from my office remind me of my time at Blackpool.

Listening online wasn’t that practical, I always have to keep a browser open, and didn’t have much option other than bbc channels. So I looked for apps.

myTuner Radio, free or the paid App are the best I’ve tried and I tried like 10 apps already. What i like about myTuner Radio is it have 30,000 channels from 120 countries. It almost never buffering or interrupted streaming, and i’ve let it play for more than 8 continuous hours. It also give you an option to record what you’re listening to mp3 files.

myTuner Radio App is easy to use, doesn’t need app window to be open, it work at the background, and you can control it from menu bar.



A while ago I had a problem with my iPhone, where the screen just turned black and stayed black and I’ve almost done everything to fix it and it didn’t. So I thought to sent for repair in cheap iPhone workshops in Hawalli as I was thinking I don’t want to spend a lot on iPhone 5s and soon iPhone 6 is coming out soon.

It took that shop more than a week to tell me sorry it can’t be fix due some freak problem, and it took me more than 3 days to buy another iPhone. But I’m not blogging about this.

While I wasn’t using the iPhone I was using shitty Blackberry Q5 without internet for a whole 10 days. It was great 10 days, can’t remember I had a peace of mind the way i felt when I wasn’t looking at my iPhone every 10 min, never bother to like posts in Instagram or reply a tweet, I WAS USING THE PHONE AS JUST A PHONE and that how it should be.

Living in a life full of sharing with people I don’t know and people do not know me, and it sucks. Why would I share? unwisely because it become a lifestyle.

And because I had a great time without internet I wanted to continue the same way, but internet is like drugs you can’t not use it when you just have it. So I compromised a little. I will still live the social cyber shit but I will not go back to the way I used to.

So what I did, I’ve turned all notifications off, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter, also I’ve deleted all app that I’m not using regularly like path, snapchat and BBM and many others, at least like that I will only be bothered when I wanted to, I will fetch for whatever only when I want to, and it made a lot of difference.

Fuck you social media, you made our life irritating ..


Recently The Scientific Center have launched their iPhone and android apps where you can get all you need to prepare a perfect visit.

Time your visit accordingly to IMAX, Shark Feeding and Star Show schedules.

Check for prices and discounts, book and purchase online.

Download TSCK app for your iPhone and Android devices now.




ديرة عبارة عن مبادرة غير ربحية تهدف إلى إشراك جميع مكونات المجتمع في تنمية البلد.  تسعى المبادرة إلى تطوير الخدمات العامة من خلال إتاحة الفرصة لأفراد المجتمع للإبلاغ عن أي قصور في هذه الخدمات. يتم الإبلاغ بثلاث خطوات بسيطة : إختر نوع البلاغ، حمل الصورة و حدد الموقع.

iPhone app  – Instagram – TwitterWebsite



An instagram account full of red girly devils, fans from all around the world tagged and shared in one account @WomenOfManUtd.


audio AudioKo is one of the easiest and better iPhone ringtones website out there, it have a huge ringtone database, songs, themes and soundtracks. Thought to share it with you all.



في الفتره الاخيره استخدامي لـ Kuwait Finder App لانه من اسهل البرامج واسرعهم في الوصول الى عنوان معين .. عندك كذا طريقه تطلع فيهم عنوان بتروح له او مكان تبي تعرف مكانه .. والحلو فيه ١٠٠٪ كومباتبل مع الكويت

على عكس اجهزت الـ Garmin وبرامج الخرايط مثل غوغل و اي فون الي يقثونك في التهجاء الصح ولا ما يطلعلك شي .. Kuwait Finder ماراح ياذيك 🙂 ..

مشكورين يا الهيئه العامه للمعلومات المدنية على البرنامج الطيب ..


Snaprint, Kuwait’s first mobile and computer based photo printing and delivery service is now on the App Store.  In a few simple steps, you can personalize your own prints, choose a mounting medium, and have them delivered to any door step within Kuwait. Snaprint, you snap, we print and deliver.

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