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For ages, I had my photos in a backed up hard disk waiting to be sorted out and organised, but every time I open my folders and see the 36k+ photos I just shut off.

I was using Google Drive for sometime now, and I said I should give Google Photos a try, and it was great.

I uploaded my 36k+ photos and videos to Google Photos and it took almost 5 straight days.

Now I can access all my photos anywhere anytime, not only that, it also sort’s the photos with face grouping which is amazing and so accurate (it also categorise them to places, events and things) and if that wasn’t enough, it create moments and mini videos.

I had only one question, will I lost quality and resolution? and it was first question in Google Photos FAQs.

What should I choose if I take photos with my phone?
Most phone cameras are less than 16 megapixels (like iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy phones), so most stored photos will essentially look the same if you choose High quality.

High quality
Unlimited free storage.
Regular cameras: Recommended for phones or point-and-shoot cameras that are 16 megapixels (MP) or less.
Uses: Good for typical printing and sharing.
Size: Saves high-quality photos and videos while reducing size.


Was at the avenues today and saw iCity was closed and signs are removed. 

I hope Digits open there instead, never fan of iCity. 



اخيراً وبعد طول انتظار نزل البنك الاهلي المتحد (فرع الكويت) تطبيق التلفون لـ لنظامي الاي فون و الاندرويد .. ومادري عن باقي الدول الي فيها فرع للبنك ..

اذا مو اكيد ، اتوقع ان البنك الاهلي المتحد اخر بنك نزل التطبيق لكن بعد هالانتظار هل كان يستحق؟ هل تفوق على باقي البنوك؟ الاجابة بشكل مختصر “لا” لكن بالتفصيل ، التطبيق مو نقاصه شي فيه كل الخيارات و المعاملات الي ممكن تسويها بموقعهم و يحسب للبنك ان عنده تطبيق ،، على الاقل عملائه و انا منهم نقدر نسوي معاملاتنا اليومية بسهوله ..

من اي ناحية قصدت ان التطبيق ما تفوق على باقي البنوك؟ الي قصدته من ناحية الشكل و المعاملات المصرفية و التكنلوجيا المستخدمه ، فـ شكل التطبيق بدائي شوي و المعاملات المصرفية محدوده وتصنف بالاساسية ومافيها اضافة ، اما التكنلوجيا المستخدمه اذا ماني غلطان شكلها Web-base وليس تطبيق كامل متكامل ( اكرر و اعيد اذا ماني غلطان) ..

اما شنو تقدر تسوي و ما تسوي بتطبيق البنك الاهلي المتحد هو الآتي:

* الاطلاع على الرصيد.

* معرفة تفاصيل معاملاتك.

* تحويل كاملة للـ الاموال.

* دفع الفواتير بسرعة وسهولة.

* طلب مجموعة كبيرة من الخدمات مثل دفتر شيكات – ايقاف او تشغيل بطاقة وغيرها من الخدمات.

و بالنسبه لملاحظاتي بعد استخدام التطبيق فهو سريع و سهل جدا ، لما استخدمته حولت من حساب الى حساب و طلبت دفتر شيكات و دفعت للبطاقة الإتمانية و مافي اي خلل (الحمدالله) ..

بس في شغله ماعجبتني وهو انك تقدر تستخدم التطبيق في اي جهاز ، و من نفس التطبيق تقدر تدخل على اي حساب ناهيك عند  الدخول على الحساب ما يطلب منك الا رقم الحساب و كلمة المرور واتوقع هذي مافيها آمان كلش ، البنوك الثانية طريقة الـ Authentication و الـ Authorization للجهاز و العميل وايد افضل و أأمن.

،، اذا كنت من عملاء البنك الاهلي المتحد قرت عينك بنزول التطبيق و اسلم ان في تطبيق.

لتحميل التطبيق لتلفونات الاي فون  – لتحميل التطبيق لتفونات الاندرويد



Since my Nicaragua trip I’ve been using Waze for my navigation, I’ve used it a lot in Miami too, it’s not only cool, it have a lot of features too.

Because it’s community-based traffic and navigation it need to have a community to work at it best, and in Kuwait it’s a bit lacking, but it’s working fully.

Other than the app main feature which is navigation, it have the ability to submit reports and share real-time traffic information such as, heavy traffic, hazard – ie. car stopping at the road, on the side of the road – , accidents , police traps and speed traps and many other things, it’s great, I’m loving it.

Also you can add friends, send locations and keep them posted on your arrival time. It is easily the best navigation app I used.

To download iOSAndroid


uber 187 Kuwait

Entrepreneurs can come with great ideas, and I’m loving them. I love to travel, therefore I loved Airbnb and now I’m loving uber .. It not only a way to save money but its also great way to engage with people.

In my last trip to Miami I’ve used uber for the first time and it saved me a lot of taxi money, especially if you share a ride.

I had my doubts about it but it was so easy to use and that why I give it a try. You pin point your location and add a destination then select your preferred ride. You can choose normal car or luxury car or big car, you are in control. Once you do that, it tells you how much the ride will cost and you order your ride.

Your driver shows in the map, so you will know exactly where he/she is. After the delivery you can rate your ride.

Uber is available in 68 counties. To use Uber, you download the app to your smartphone, register and add you credit card because there are no cash involved. All is processed online. It’s amazing, just loving it.

On a-side-note  just saw on the news that 30 year old Drunk Doctor attacks Uber driver in Miami, Florida



I’m technology geek and love to use online services when it’s available, but this time almost backfired.

I know a website TheTrainline where I used to book cheap train tickets and never had a problem with it, and as always i booked my trip from London to Manchester and back.

But, this time I didn’t print my ticket and requested to had it on my phone app.

I arrived to the train station ahead of time to prevent any surprises and it was smart move.

Thought I have downloaded the ticket on my iPhone, but when I checked with train station staff they said this isn’t the ticket and should call the company to sort it out, and I did call, but they ensure that this is the ticket on my phone and it’s valid and shouldn’t worry; that was almost 2 hours before my train time.

But for some reason I checked again with station staff an hour before the train departure and again they confirmed THIS IS NOT THE TICKET and should download the ticket or have a printed version.

I went to the customer service and there were other with the same issue and that the app having issue downloading tickets from the system. All of who purchased tickets from TheTrainline should call the company and have them send the tickets to our email addresses.

There were too many ahead of me and wanted to print their tickets. It was a disaster, eventually I printed mine just on time and ran to platform.

Next time I will use online services but will always backed it with physical copies.


135من الشغلات الي حبيتها بأمريكا كانت خدمة العملاء و خدمات ما بعد البيع ، من كفاله وغيرها من امور تحصل ..

اما في الكويت فالنقيض تماماً و تقريبا في كل الشركات .. لا من شركات اتصالات ولا من بنوك و لا من شركات استهلاكية ..

الاسبوع الي فات صارلي موقفين مع شركتين في قطاعين مختلفين ..اكس سايت و التسهيلات ..

كنت شاري iPhone منهم و بعد اقل من شهر اختربت الكاميرا و لما دقيت اسال عن الكفاله قالولي كفالتك عند شركة النهار.. منو شركة النهار هذي؟! بس امري لله رحت لهم و قبل ما يستلمون الجهاز قالوا وين الفاتوره الاصلية (او كوبي اصلي اطبعه من اكس سايت) مع ان الجهاز مسجل عندهم مع بيانات البيع من اكس سايت واضحه .. بس لسبب الروتين الغبي يبون الفاتوره ..

ثاني شي اصدموني فيه انهم تفحصوا الجهاز من الخارج لاي خدوش او علامات .. ولما شافت موظفة الاستقبال الفذه زلق قالت : بسبب الـ “الطيحه دي” راح تسقط الكفالة ، ومن صجها تتكلم .. اي طيحه الي تتكلمين عنها !! و شدراج انها طيحه؟ و من قال انه طايح من اساسه؟

و بعد نقاش طويل بين صراخ و غيره ، اتصل مدير الدعم الفني الي كان يشوف نقاشنا من الكاميرا الموجود عند مكتب الاستقبال و قال معاك حق و راح نستلم التلفون و نصلحه على الكفالة ..

الحين ليش كل هذي اللوية علشان التصليح على الكفالة؟ ليش النصب و اللعب على الزبون في خدمات ما بعد البيع؟ يعني لو مو لساني طويل و كنت شكاي جان ماخذوا التلفون..

دور حماية المستهلك لازم يكون فعال في هذي النقاط و لازم يكون متواجد في مثل هالمواقف .. و بالنهاية ما اقول الا الله يعين المستهلك الكويتي.

تويتر ادارة حمالة المستهلك cpd_kw .. تويتر mstahlekq8


ادخل على الإعدادات > عام > لوحة المفاتيح > الإختصارات

وأضف اختصار للعلم وقم بلصق صورة العلم من التغريدة لجعلها اختصار

🇰🇼 🇴🇲 🇩🇿 🇪🇬 🇯🇴 🇶🇦 🇲🇦 🇸🇾 🇹🇳 🇧🇭 🇱🇧 🇵🇸 🇾🇪🇸 🇩🇸🇸 🇲🇷 🇱🇾


digipillMusic and meditation are tools that can bring peace and mental relaxation. And this is a fact.

I’ve always felt that meditation is something I would like to get into, something I would like to practise in a routine bases, but never done it till few years back when I was on a long flight and couldn’t sleep, which is very unlikely to me.

It was BA flight and they had on their entertainment screen something for “Sleep and Relaxation Hypnosis” it was the perfect timing to try. And it worked like a charm. I loved it and slept like never before.

Then, last year I was in Chicago and went to spiritual healer, wanting to try it and see what is it all about. She was kinda Zen master who try to bring inner peace and balance by meditation. She was playing same music at the background and guiding me into deep relaxation, it was a great session, very helpful session that I still do it from time to time when I’m alone.

I’m writing about this now, because I’ve downloaded an app called “digipill” very useful for those who like to take their time and treat themself. The app come’s with one free session and so many other paid sessions.

I’ve downloaded a few sessions and tried them over the weekend, and i’ve felt great and more focused. Those session varies in time, some are 13 min and some are 30 min depending on what you want, they are perfect session both in comfort voice and soothing music. Very well narrated to guide you to get into another world of your own thoughts.

There are many free sessions online and YouTube, but not as good as “digipill” and with “digipill” you can organize your sessions in lists and ready to play and easy to use.

The app is free, but as i mentioned it come with one free session (13 min long) titled t-break; prescription for relaxation, its used to embark upon an effortless journey of ever growing comfort towards a state of calm and replenishment.

You can listen to a sample session I found on YouTube for relaxation and sleep hypnosis. Enjoy !


bill payments

The new Ahli United online banking have been up and running since last month, but I haven’t been using it a lot.

They haven’t added any new features I know of, but they did many modification, and the main one was paying the credit card. Before, you have to enter you card number everytime when you have to pay for your card, but not any more, now you can select your card and pay it.

Another modification I’ve noticed. Whenever you transfer money or pay your bills I used to use a password, but now you get a OPT (one time password) thru your mobile which is good, I guess.

Then there was their new look which is huge improvement from their last, but it won’t work at on the iPhone browser (due to alignment and scrolling) which is a total disaster if you need to use your online banking in your mobile.

In overall I would say it big improvement but still not as good as other online banking I use ie. NBK and Boubyan Bank.

There is a thing I couldn’t figure, why is purple color in the theme?

PS: Ahli United still don’t have Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page nor they have an online application. 

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