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تـتـعـايـش الأعـراق الـمـخـتـلـفـة الـتـي إسـتـقـرت فـي طـلـيـطـلـة بـتـنـاغمٍ تام مـما يـعـزز الـوحـدة الـوطـنـيـة التي هي مـصدر قـوة الـجـمـاهـيـريـة الـعـظـيـمـة – د. شختة الحمسي – أستاذ علوم حفظ الأعراق بجامعة أقليش.


Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 3.52.47 PM

I feel sorry for all Liverpool fans around the world for their new kit. it is not only ugly but it is a joke for all other fans too ..

No good luck Liverpool with your new Space attack kit. “next year will be our year” yeah right 😀

Talking about ugly, check out the top 10 worst kit in English league history 🙂 .. United featured once 🙁


Sir Alex Ferguson queries “one of the stupidest questions I have ever heard” after being asked which one Barcelona player he would most like to sign – before providing an unlikely answer.

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